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This is the album that got me into Relayer. Brilliant version of Gates on it. Still remember the chills first time I heard the Soon intro

Excellent – interesting to have heard a live version before the studio one – did it live up to your expectations?

Fantastic!! Ive thought about starting an 8 track collection but i already collect YES on CD, Vinyl and cassette….not sure going down the 8 track road would help my sanity. hahah

That’s a wonderful object to own. What do you know about the other bands on the bill and do you remember them? I recognise Ace but not sure about the others.

My mint vinyl of the Relayer reissue from the Yes box set in 2018, signed for my by Roger Dean at the Yes 50 Fanfest in Philly, July 2018.

Alright! Time for me to join the discussion…so here are a few interesting pressings I have of Relayer…This is a Canadian Error pressing…whats the error? Well…someone in quality control didnt notice that the inside of the gatefold were being put in upside down!!

Another fantastic pressing is my UK 1st pressing which was mastered by “Porky” or George Peckham which is his real name. His mastering jobs are legendary and are often hunted down by audiophile people every where…and with good reason. they sound punchy, they have a great stereo spread and the top end is really clear.

And of course…no vinyl collection would be complete without a US White Label Promo copy. Now under normal circumstances this would be the “go-to” pressing as far as sound goes… their wisdom, the record label decided to majorly edit the songs (well 2 of them) on this version of the release…now i dont mean make the songs shorter…no no..they just turned Gates into a 3 part song…and Soundchaser got made into 2 parts….thankfully they left To Be Over alone. Its very annoying listening to Gates and having it stop and start 3 different times….first here is the cover….then i will post the A and B side for you to see.

Relayer was released when I was 14 years old and a YesFan for about 2-1/2 years- getting hooked on the band after hearing Fragile. Back then for me it was vinyl and cassettes using an all-in-one music system as well as my portable cassette player. Even so with Chris’ in-your-face bass it was still easy to pick him out even with low-budget equipment. I would say my favorite part of the album is during The Gates Of Delirium: the frantic buildup leading into the amazing “wind-down” with Alan’s drums and then straight into the final war section. Goose bumps deluxe!! Of course there is Alan’s drum solo in Sound Chaser as well as Steve’s solo in the middle and Patrick’s solo near the end. My favorite “Chris moment” is his funky rhythm during Patrick’s solo in Sound Chaser. Giving Jon a plug too because he still managed to sneak some voice effects in there even with the limited lyrics. Relayer and Tormato have taken turns over the years as my favorite Yes album. Tossup right now!!

One of the best parts of Relayer for me has always been the tactile experience of removing the vinyl disc from the sleeve. I don’t know how many versions have the same components but the one I bought around 1988 has a wonderful cardboard inner. It has the lyrics on it and it has a lovely, rough surface, a bit like recycled card.

Strange as it may seem, the set of sensations I receive from taking the record out to put on the turntable really enhances the whole experience.

What is the packaging like in your versions? Are there any other records which are similar for you? Yes or other bands?

Rain marks on the album cover. RD left it outside after finishing the painting. It started raining and he didn’t quite get it back indoors quickly enough

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