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March Album of the Month – Union

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68 replies on “March Album of the Month – Union”

With some pruning of the Anderson solo sounding material, this would be a great album. As it is is still has many rewarding tracks, if not a true classic (or authentic) collection. Many great sing along melodies also.

Here’s my original US album, signed by Jon, Tony, Steve, Rick, Alan, Trevor, Billy and artist Roger Dean. I should have had Chris sign it years ago but didn’t have it with me whenever I was with him!

Here’s the thing about ‘Union.’ If you don’t know about the many session musicians & singers on it you enjoy it much more. I’ve tested this with folks since the day it was released. If you only know that it’s a Yes album and don’t read all of the credits, just listen to the songs, it’s a very good album. It’s not a classic like CTTE but it has some very good songs, and Steve’s solo song is wonderful. It fits into the Yes sound of the 80s albums, mixed with the ABWH sound. And the cover painting by Roger is very nice as well. And it brought us the brilliant tour, where I saw 5 of the US shows, and in the round shows again, in most cities.

There’s lots on it I love. It’s just trying to listen to it all in one go that I can’y handle. Thanks Doug.

Great item. That’s such an ‘informal’ photo. Not sure what they look like…maybe a bunch of dads on a night out?

This is my very rare Japanese laser disc, ‘The Union Tour Live’ from 1999, which I bought upon its release- I have a laser disc player! This was the first release of the show filmed at Mountain View, California in Aug ’91, sadly not in the round. I’ve had it signed by Jon, Rick, Tony, Steve, Trevor and Alan. Again, I never had it with me when I met Chris or Bill. It looks & sounds fantastic, and was released on videotape in Japan at the same time, then followed years later on dvd and cd.

I remember seeing a very early Laserdisc being demonstrated at the Science Museum in London – must have been about 1979-80ish, maybe. I was captivated. This is an amazing item!

This is my 12″ single of “Saving My Heart” from ‘Union’ signed by artist Roger Dean. Surprisingly backed with “America” for some reason.

A most exciting time to be a Yes fan… here’s a few articles of the rumours that were surfacing prior to the ‘Union’

Nice jokes there. Maybe ABWHKRSW could have worked as a name. The most poignant music ever produced? Not sure about that.

Whoa – 29 tracks? Couldn’t they find all the material? 😉 As for Eddie Jobson being included – that’s one of the most tenuous additions I’ve ever seen!

CD and DVDs, including fan-shot video of the premiere show, including take the water to the mountain, soon, city of love, leaves of green

They rehearsed Close To The Edge… 😍 apparently performed at one US show but the recording which was apparently made has never appeared in trading circles. This version was from their rehearsals in Birmingham UK

Now I would have liked to have heard that. That’s a huge thing to prepare and then abandon. I wonder what they would have missed out to include it…

Yes Magazine UNION issue- Vol 3 No 2. Looking back over the years it turns out my most anticipated item to receive in the mail was the latest issue of Yes Magazine! Each issue was printed on high quality stock and included beautiful artwork and great articles and interviews- with an occasional free gift included- like the Union poster. I believe it was about $25 for a subscription to each volume which had 3 issues (except Volume 1 which had 5 issues). Believe me when I say that was a bargain because the high quality and great care that went into each issue easily warranted a subscription rate of $50- which I would have gladly paid!! Taking into account the cost to create and print each issue, postage, and the occasional freebie I often wondered how the Gottlieb Brothers made a profit. With ‘Yes Magazine’ Douglas and Glenn Gottlieb left a great legacy for both Yes and YesFans. Definitely a labor of love!! I ‘almost’ have a complete set as I am missing Issues 1, 2, and 3 of Volume 1 (ordered but just sold out), although I do have a ‘Best of Issues 1-5’ that was released as an addendum to Volume 1. It would be nice to see these released again- perhaps in book form. Although it would make for a lengthy tome as the 3 issues of Volume 2, for instance, total 108 pages! With 7 volumes released the book form would probably need two separate volumes.

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