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Unfortunately fellows, I’ve no “The Yes Album” ( Or “Tormato” for that matter ) rarities , but as The Yes Album marked the start of their “imperial” period I’m certainly looking forward to another listen through this classic. Cheers to you both.

The Yes Album is one of my top 5 Yes albums. It was the 1st Yes album I heard in its entirety, on an FM radio show in ’71, and the 2nd Yes album I bought on vinyl. It’s also Tony Banks’ favorite Yes album, he told me.

The 3-inch mini-disc can hold 24 minutes of audio. Shown is a blank one. It will play standard audio on both a home CD player and a computer drive. Opening the drive tray there is the depression for the regular CD’s but you will also see a smaller depression in the center of the tray for the mini-discs. I believe it is an industry standard so all CD/DVD players should have this feature.

Here’s an (possibly) interesting 3CD set of TYA, Fragile and CTTE… incredible to think that over the span of a couple of years the wrote and recorded Starship Trooper, I’ve Seen All Good People, Yours Is No Disgrace, Perpetual Change, Heart Of The Sunrise, Long Distance Runaround, South Side Of The Sky, CTTE, And You And I, Siberian Khatru and Roundabout…. there’s a great concert set-list in there somewhere

Last one from me, I’ll let others post too! I think this is the most recent version of TYA I have, HQCD version as part of the Japanese rerelease of the CDs, this time with altered RD artwork as first featured on the SW remix box set

For some time now I have looked at The Yes Album as more of a psychedelic album than a progressive album. It just has “that sound”. One of the few Yes albums with a unique one-time lineup everything came together wonderfully for the band. Really great production on this one; the original release still holds up today for its quality. The Yes Album, Relayer, and I guess ABWH are now the only one-time lineup albums left from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s decades (Drama got bumped off this list after the release of Fly From Here – Return Trip) and both are truly unique and stand on their own.

Onto one of the media format topics the 3-inch mini-disc can hold 24 minutes of audio. Shown is a blank one. It will play standard audio on both a home CD player and a computer drive. Opening the drive tray there is the depression for regular CD’s but you will also see a smaller depression in the center of the tray for the mini-discs. I believe it is an industry standard so all CD/DVD players should have this feature.

My friend Frank and his family had a video 2000 player! Now we know who had the other one 😄

I’ve never seen a Yes release on minidisc (as opposed to 3” CD). DCC was another short-lived format that had a few releases by major artists before it disappeared, again, I am not aware of any Yes releases on DCC… I do have a DAT promo tape for ‘Lift Me Up’ which might be as obscure a format upon which i have a proper Yes release

I guess one has to expect that the smaller 3-inch mini-discs have multiple formats like their larger cousins that are either CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD, UD, TorD, or whatever format (ok I made up the last one :).

Perpetual Change has been getting overlooked lately, but it’s the best song on The Yes Album. That middle part with the poly-rhythms always amazes me!

Wow!! Some fantastic pictures and comments..sorry i havent been on much…working on a lot of new music for 2020…but here are a few of my favourite pressings of The Yes Album…starting with what is probably my favourite and best sounding…The 1973 German Reissue pressing. Its funny in the Discogs pages they call this the “EARLY Reissue” guessing there are several pressed as the years pass..but this one sounds amazing…good sonics..good sound stage…and not surface noise,,,incredible for its age…but then I’ve always said…Id put up a good German pressing against a Japanesse pressing anyway.

Here is the back cover …notice the Kinney Music GmbH making on the bottom as well as the printed in Germany ( for those who want to know how to identify a German pressing)

And here is the vinyl….love the look of the label. The text is very neatly arranged..also the vinyl is much thicker then most other countries at this time.

This is the 2003 Rhino reissue. It was mastered at Capitol Records Mastering by Ron McMaster, and pressed by Optimal Media.
This is a very good remaster/reissue…for the most part i find Ron McMaster’s mastering jobs hit or miss…this is a hit…good balance of the sonics…although i don’t find it as full as my German one..especially in the mid range..and the sound stage is a little more narrow…now there is no indication of this being taken from the original analog tapes so I’m guessing its a high res digital file…still its more then good for the non audiophile Yes fan.

and of course the vinyl itself..another nicely layout label…and for you audiophile and deadwax investigators…to be sure you have this copy look for the RM in the deadwax….again if you are looking for a sonic masterpiece…this isn’t the one to get…but for most it will be fine.

Ok so now we get to one of my other favourite pressings..and i consider myself lucky to have this. Its the 1971 Canadian first pressing with the red Atlantic labels. Now this pressing is amazing…sounds full…very stereo sounding. The drums and bass are fantastic on this…sounds like Bill and Chris are in my basement jamming when i turn it up…unfortunately being that it is a very old pressing…it does suffer from a bit of crackle in spots…but all things considered i would take this over any recent reissue (except maybe the Friday Music 2 X 45 rpm version). Much better then the recent reissues….including Steven Wilson’s…

And the center labels….this is a dead giveaway that you have a first pressing. Again…if you happen to come across this pressing…grab it.

Will post a proper photo when it gets here, but reading over these posts reminded me of one misprint I had yet to get… remedied that tonight, hopefully here in a few days time

I love the Yes album it was my first Yes album. I bought it towards the end of 71, after having it played for me in full at a friend’s house after school one day. It was love at first listen. It filled the huge void of my loss of the Beatles. While I love all kinds of music by all kinds of artists, and am a certified music fanatic in general, nothing at any time in my life has ever held the special Beatles slot for me except Yes. I still remember telling myself that this was my new band before Yours is No Disgrace was even through. It’s still a great pleasure to put this one on, start to finish. These days I’m listening to the Steven Wilson mix as my ” go to” version. Same with Close to the Edge. I don’t possess any rare pressings of anything by anybody I’m afraid I’ve never afforded the record collector life. Having said that, I do get the best commercially released version available for each official album that comes out, and I’ve bought the official Canon (over time), in the latest fomat of the day at each change. Sadly I never held on to the outgoing format, (except CDs). I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a turntable again and start picking up records here and there. If I do….This will probably be my 4th purchase after Giles Martin’s White album, Wilson’s Relayer, and Queen II.

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